We're deeply grateful to ALL the fine people who've befriended, encouraged and inspired us, and who've so freely offered their time, talents, friendship, understanding & general good "vibes" to help us make PLASTIC SOUL a reality, including the following:

Suzanne, Troy, Luke & Noah; Lyman Christensen; Tom Taubert; Joe Vespo; Daryl Barron; Clancy Connors; John Castello; Syd, Sandy, Kim, "Mo" & all the inhabitants of "Merlot Island;" Meg & Martha; the Fitzpatricks; Dennis Spost; Brian Molinaro; Rick E. Lewis at
Utica TV;  Tim Fenton; Johnny Savino; Anthony "Zee" Donaldson; Paul Fullem; all of our wonderful friends at the Beatgear Cavern (the most "FAB" site on the 'net!); and Jerry ("The Doctor") Kraus & Co. at WOUR (96.9 FM).  

Finally, our sincere thanks to J, P, G & R, and to all those who love their music as much as we do.

--  Mark, John & Jon --